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December 3, 2017

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Get Off Your Ass and Find Your Style

October 19, 2017


Hey my name is Preston Scheel and this is The Key To Cars


Today’s post is all about find your car video style, or really any type of video for that matter. 



The first things that you want to do to find your style is just get started. It’s so easy to sit on your computer for hours on end and watch others make amazing content. Jealousy starts to creep in, and you find yourself feeling like you’ll never get to their level. You ask yourself, “why even start then?” And that’s as far as most people ever get. I know I did this for what seemed like forever. I watched other YouTubers and wanted to start something of my own, but weeks later I looked at myself and said, “why haven’t I done anything?” I fell into that void too.


One thing I like to tell people is that if you just start, even if you know you’re not yet at the level of people you look up to, you have to remember that they also started from humble beginnings.


Everyone started somewhere, and as the saying goes, “practice makes better”. Just get started. Make something. Learn as you go. That’s where the fun is; just making something and calling it yours.


Look at it this way: you can’t be an astronaut with blowing off some fireworks first.  




Tip number two is figuring out the small details, and these small details really add up to create your style. 


Once you’ve made a few videos, you’ll start noticing small little details in each video that kind of keep coming up. This could be a certain lens that you like to use. You may like to film everything handheld, or put everything on a tripod so its smooth and stable. Whatever it is, be a little self-aware and figure out what you repeatedly do.


This could also be the type of things that you like to film. 


Maybe you like to get a certain angle of the cars that you’re filming, or maybe you love to get people’s reactions to a car after they’ve just gotten a ride in it. Whatever it is, recognize that and keep doing it. Eventually, those will start to become your trademarks. People will see those and go “oh I know that’s John Smith’s video” without even glancing at who made it. These details slowly add up to create your style.




The third tip for finding your car video style is knowing your subject matter.


This builds onto the last tip; say you like to get those reactions and you can convey the emotion of the person in your clip. Use that to build onto your small details and create that style that is uniquely you.


Also look at the feel of the videos you’ve already made. Some people love to make videos that hype up their audience and energize them. Maybe fast paced action shots are fun for you to film. Or maybe you like to evoke emotion, slow things down, and make your audience feel like they’re a part of the scene. 


Find that flow in your videos and keep doing that. If there’s anything consistent, or even if people comment that they like a certain part of your video, ask yourself, “can I do this again?” 


So when you find that style that you like, where you’re actually making content, you’re paying attention to the small details, and you know what both you and your audience like to see, you’ll be well on your way to creating videos that everyone will love to share and talk about.




I hope that gives you some info that you can use and I hope you take these three tips and implement them, whether you’re starting out, stuck in a rut, or even if you’re more experienced. Finding that style and developing that style is one of the most rewarding parts of your filmmaking journey, and that’s something that we’re all working towards.  



Alright guys, keep filming, find your passion, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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